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€ 1.690 + € 70 per month+ vat

Meet the expectations and needs of your guests providing them a customized offer. Images, video and original content to show and highlight what makes your hotel facility the best option for their stay.

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Fully integrated with your social accounts, this option adds to the previous version: web pages on your services and gourmet offer, further multimedia, virtual tours, and info on the geographical area and weather forecats.

Straight to the point: booking, rooms and offers

Those who are looking for something do not like wasting their time, especially when talking about holidays: they like your offer, they have decided and now they want to speak directly with their chosen hotel to book their room with no delay.

That’s why BookingOne® Professional Responsive Websites integrate the booking engine: to allow your guest booking directly on your website and catch the best offer you can give them. No after-thoughts, no useless intermediation.

Reviews: a higher reputation for higher conversions

Your Guest wants to feel special. Every detail, especially the smallest ones, can contribute to make their holiday experience unforgettable, leading to those positive reviews that will increase your reputation and draw other guests to you.

BookingOne® Professional Responsive Websites gives great space to reviews and allows an easy management of guests’opinion thanks to its all-in-one cloud-based platform. Your Guest leaves a review and you will have the possibility to answer and properly thank them. Your guests will be glad of this and will help you keep high your reputation!

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Virtual Tour: catch your guests’ attention and win them over giving them what they need!

Images and video to show your facility are always a winning choice to sell your services, engage your potential customers and make the difference in the choice of their holiday.

BookingOne® Professional Responsive Websites are perfectly integrated with your Social Media profiles and allows you to create and manage customized presentation pages regarding the services and gourmet offer of your hotel. You will be able to insert photos, video and a virtual tour of the facility.

The focus is also on the location with dedicated multimedia pages, weather forecast widgets and other useful information that will contribute to catch your guests’ attention and have them choose your hotel.

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€ 1.150 + € 35 per month
+ vat

Show the best features of your tourist facility to your potential guests with an accessible, complete, user-friendly and sales-oriented website.

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€ 2.950 + € 135 per month
+ vat

Introduce yourself to your guests and have them involved in unique experiences of local life by suggesting them exclusive services.

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