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€ 2.950 + € 135 per month+ vat

Introduce yourself to your guests and have them involved in unique experiences of local life by suggesting them exclusive services.

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A more advanced version, it also gives you the opportunity to show your guests several exeperience to choose from (Wellness, Nature, Sport activities). Integrated services: e.mail marketing platform and your official Travel Guide APP.

Provide unique travel experiences to increase your sales

Travellers have changed. The travel industry has changed. Now your Guest looks for a unique, almost once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, authentic moments to live fully and to remember. The time of pre-packaged holidays is over, now the key to success in the travel industry is personalization.

Give your Guest what they are looking for: choose BookingOne® Premium Responsive websites, the ultimate solution for the modern hotelier. With these websites you can provide suggestions based on unique and original travel experiences: wellness, nature, outdoor activities and everything else your hotel and the location are able to provide. With BookingOne® Premium Responsive Website you can benefit from a complete responsive website and boost your competitiveness on the tourist market. Moreover, you will be able to give your hotel or tourist facility the value they deserve with the email marketing platform or the Tourist Guide APP. Be second to none with BookingOne® Premium Responsive Website.



Tourist Guide APP: your idea of vacation in the pockets of your guests

Your Guests crave for information and want to live every moment of the vacation at its best.
Help them choose places, events and attractions that meet their demands with a practical tool, help them find what they are looking for with BookingOne® Tourist Guide APP, the useful tool for hoteliers and tourist facilities owners.

BookingOne® Tourist Guide APP puts the location in the hands of your guests. The APP provides suggestions such as recommended itineraries, events and typical places where to discover the location and its surroundings.
You will have complete control on the recommended routes and places since you will be the one to choose which content will go into the APP. Your idea of vacation in the pockets of your guests.

Integrated E-mail marketing to increase conversions

Sending undifferentiated emails to everyone is an obsolete and useless practice. To meet the needs of the new tourist you need an effective database segmentation that keeps track of every piece of information you might have on your Guest (nationality, gender, period of stay, family composition, number of booked rooms, eating habits, etc).

Does it sound like rocket science? With the right tools it’s easy, possible and it will allow you to plan and automate your e-mail marketing activities.

With Bookingone® integrated e-mail marketing software you will be able to plan and automate your email marketing calendar, differentiating the email addresses in your database as you prefer. Loyal Clients? Potential guests? Choose your audience and create bespoke offers to increase sales probabilities!


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