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Increase direct reservations by advertising your business on the main price comparison websites. BookingOne® is partner of the major players in the tourism industry such as Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor and MyItaly

What are the reliable sources for your potential Guests?

The major players in the tourism industry are: Google Hotel ADS, Trivago, Tripadvisor and MyItaly. Promoting your tourist offers on these websites is the key to success.

BookingOne® is partner of the biggest names the hospitality sector. Connecting to these portals with your booking engine means reaping the benefits of a global audience.

Advertise your business on price comparison websites and increase direct sales

Promoting your tourist business on Trivago, Tripadvisor, Google Hotel Ads or MyItaly allows you to increase your online reach and direct bookings.

Guests will be able to book their stay directly on your website without any intermediation, completing the reservation at the most convenient price.
The only charge is the one applied to the clicks on the link to the booking page, according to the PPC standard (Pay per Click).

BookingOne® is one of the few booking engines certificated by Google Hotel ADS

BookingOne® is official Google partner and allows its clientele to show their website prices and receive booking requests on all Google channels.

The advantages are many: being present on Google Hotel ADS before the OLTAs (,…) at the lowest price, the visibility of your structure and your prices on all Google channels (Google Hotel Ads, Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Destination, organic search, paid advertisement).
This means direct bookings on your websites by millions of Google users.
Last but not least, the price changes and availabilities are automatically synchronized by BookingOne®, allowing a coordinated management on all sales channels.

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