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Channel Manager

Save time, increase your offer and avoid overbooking.

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Manage and monitor your reservations via OTA in Europe, Asia, North and South America

How to avoid overbooking in your hotel?

Being present on various booking portals and OTA means having the possibility to increase the online visibility of your tourist offer, provided that you pay attention to avoiding overbooking.

BookingOne® Channel Manager is the right tool to avoid the inconvenient of overbooking because it simplifies the communication of your availabilities to the online portals where you are selling, thus reducing time and resources.

One interface, 250 OLTA and 600,000 CRS

Thanks to BookingOne® Channel Manager you will have access to all your online availabilities on a single interface. BookingOne® clients are connected to over 250 OLTA (On Line Travel Agency) and with over 600,000 GDS (Global Distribution Systems).

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