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Raise your profits by offering customized solutions.

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Provide a complete experience! Give your guests the possibility to customize their holiday with SPA treatments, typical products, trips and much more

Give your guests the holiday they want

Nowadays customization is widespread in every sector. Tourism is no exception: modern tourists expect a holiday like no other, tailored to their taste and needs.
Make your guests’ desire come true by giving them the possibility to add additional services to their booking: SPA treatments, typical products, trips and much more.

BookingOne® e-commerce for hotels meets the needs of the new tourist for a convenient, complete, and customized vacation. Everything arranged online with a few simple clicks.

What are the advantages of an all-inclusive holiday?

BookingOne® cloud-based all-in-one platform integrates the online sale of services and products related to the holiday.
The advantages for the hotelier can be summed up in five bullet points:

- Expansion of your business
- Increase of your competitiveness in the market
- Differentiation of your offers according to every tourist
- Sale of products and/or services in every moment, free from the booking process
- Increase of profit margins

Increase your earning potential: sell before, after or during the booking process

SPA access and treatments, transfer, lunch and dinner, excursions, typical product to bring home as a souvenir of an unforgettable holiday; these are all products and services related to the holiday that you will be able to suggest to your guest at the right moment thanks to BookingOne® e-commerce platform.

Give your guests what they are looking for at the right moment. This translates in selling extra products or services outside the booking process.

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