Central Reservation System


A more organized way to coordinate, simplify and speed up relations with your customers.

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The CRO allows the operators of call centres, front offices and reservation centres to create estimates, reservations or booking options following calls, walk-in requests and web forms

Telephone, e-mail or walk-in? Wherever your guests come from, you have the right estimates for each

BookingOne® Central Reservation Office allows the creation of customized estimates for every single Guest. Estimates to send via email in order to encourage direct bookings. Easy and fast.

Send to your guests multiple offers in the same e-mail. With a single click they will be able to confirm the estimation directly on your website booking. Everything thanks to the CRO software.

Create multiple estimates in a single click

Many hoteliers think that sending multiple estimates with various offers via email is useless and too time-consuming for the staff.

Thanks to BookingOne® CRO predefined models you can provide your guest with the best solution for their needs in one e-mail.

More information, more control, more personalization, more profits!

BookingOne® CRO provides historical records of each operator and single client's, also adding the connection to the CRM clients records database.

All this information will enable you to have realistic analysis of conversions and of your guests’ preferences. Moreover, the Marketing Automation will allow you to send customized offers, increasing customer loyalty and direct bookings.

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