Central Reservation System

Cloud-Based PMS

Gain full management control with this all-in-one solution.

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BookingOne® PMS is a fully integrated cloud-based system with automatic updates and regular backups that ensures the complete control on your hotel management activities, always connected with the Business Intelligence unit.

Do you need a single perfectly integrated tool?

BookingOne® PMS is the answer to the requests of tourist operators who require a single unified tool to acquire complete control on their management activities. Our PMS in fully integrated with the cloud-based booking platform.

For many years BookingOne® has been providing the connection to the main hotel PMS softwares, but now there is something new, a step further: BookingOne® has implemented directly on its platform and in cloud its Property Management System.

Time-saving and cost-effective: the greatest advantages of our PMS

No more steps between softwares, no more verification on the updates and correctness of data.

This means zero errors and time saved for hoteliers and their staff. Time is money as they say, especially when talking about tourist facilities management.
The automatic update allows an easy and fast access to data, without any time-consuming search for information.
Data stored in cloud and constant backups provide security against loss of data that may cause serious inconveniences, economic losses and a significant waste of time.

What benefits for the Guest?

The guest will benefit from an impeccably organized structure, more attentions and dedicated offers.

All the saved time and resources can be translated into more time dedicated to taking care of guests and make them loyal customers, developing strategies aiming at the increase of direct sales.

BookingOne® PMS is modular

Some hotelier think about the PMS as something difficult, expensive and suitable only for those who have many Guests. But those who achieved great performances and became big made it possible by equipping themselves with the right tools that increased efficiency and provided value to guests, turning them into loyal customers.

BookingOne® PMS is developed to result as simple and user-friendly as possible. With just few training lessons you will become completely autonomous in the usage of the the PMS, but whenever you may need any follow-up or assistance, our Customer Care will be glad to help you.

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