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BookingOne® uses a certified payment system (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard)

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Hotelier and Guests are safe.

BookingOne® is anti-fraud with the PCI DSS certification.
This certification ensures the security of payment with payment cards (credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, virtual cards). This means more security for the both Hotelier and Guest.

The tourist facility can check in real time the validity of payment cards to protect itself against frauds. This allows the immediate acceptance or refusal of the reservation, without having to deal with online banking platforms. BookingOne® takes care of the bureaucratic aspects.
The guests can be sure that their credit cards data are stored in a secure certified environment. Your Brand Reputation will benefit from this.

The right solution for frequent interruptions during the payment process.

If the payment process takes place on your website, the usability of the Booking engine improves and the chances of incompleted online bookings are reduced.

It is demonstrated that such implementation reduces the percentage of abandonment and increases conversions. Another good reason to get the PCI DSS certification.

The service includes:

• Control on credit cards, debit cards, prepaid and virtual cards
• Data collection of payment cards
• Data storage in a certified PCI DSS environment
• CVV code visualization once within 72 hours
• Identification of the bookings at risk of fraud by the Anti-fraud system
• Real time credit cards validation
• Digitalization of a Integrated POS system
• Credit cards payment and advance payment automation or management

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