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Rely on BookingOne®: it’s safe with the Allianz Protection

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The partnership to protect the hotelier

BOOKINGONE® keeps it safe thanks to its partnership with Allianz Global Assistance. Thanks to this partnership, BookingOne® is the first online booking software in Italy to allow the direct insurance of stay during the booking process.

The advantages for the hotelier:

- The possibility to offer an innovative service that differentiates them from their competitors
- Visibility to the Hotel Brand in Italy and abroad
- The improvement of sales strategies
Immediate cash in of the total amount of the stay

Ease of management, ease of choice

The activation of the service does not require any administrative or financial intervention.

The purchase of the booking cancellation policy allows tourist facilities to increase bookings with deposit payment and the available liquidity.
The insurance is available in two options:

- Cancellation of the reserved stay
- Refund of the amount paid

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- Cancellation of the reserved stay
- Interruption of the reserved stay
- Assistance 24h
- Medical expenses
- Refund of the paid amount


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