Travel Guide APP and Totem: a perfect combination for a complete marketing service. And the best is yet to come: with the iBeacons you can enjoy commercial automation!

iBeacons are small radio transmitters that send out Bluetooth signals to smartphones when they’re in proximity. iBeacons can be deployed in loyalty programs as they enable hoteliers to pinpoint their guests’ micro-location and communicate directly to them via message.

To make an example, an iBeacon located at the entrance of the breakfast room can inform your guests that the service is extended until 11 AM; an iBeacon located on the beach can announce a 10% off offer on all drinks at the bar; if placed on a monument, an iBeacon could provide tourists with all the information regarding the date of creation and its history.

iBeacon offer infinite opportunities for your tourism. It is up to the hoteliers to take advantage of them in order to offer their guests high-quality travel experiences!

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