The journey begins after the booking has been made. When tourists choose your facility, you need to convince them that they have made the best choice and create the right expectations until the day of their arrival. Available via APP or Totem in your Hotel, BookingOne® travel guides will help tourists to experience local life and make the most of their trip in your city. Provide your guests with the best tips for places, events and destinations that are worth visiting and guide them through the exclusive services at their disposal.

Now it’s the tourism you offer that matters!

The Benefits of Being Local

Travel Guide App and Totem

Create the right expectations for an exclusive journey

We have come full circle in terms of local tourism: help tourists live an authentic travel experience since the moment they make a booking until they stay in your hotel!

After they have completed the booking process, tourists will be invited to download the Travel Guide APP on their smartphones. The APP becomes the voice of the hotelier, who can suggest itineraries, places, and events to make their guests’ experiences as local as possible. You will actively contribute creating the right expectations for their journey and, by doing so, you will avoid any problems with cancellations and no-shows.

Your guest can be positively stimulated with more updated information thanks to our multimedia touchscreen totems. Multimedia totems can be placed in several strategic points within your facility and around the city. Look at the example below!

App Notifications

Real time information on your initiatives

New tourists are always connected: they chat with friends, they seek information on the Internet and have constant access to their APPs via notifications.

For such reason, BookingOne® Travel Guide APP is designed to send multi-language notification messages to all users who have it on their phones. You will have the opportunity to communicate with your guests whenever you want to, whether it is for an important event in your hotel, the opening of a new swimming pool, a special deal at your SPA, or even a new festival in town. It really is up to you how you want to use this important communication and marketing tool in real time.


Proximity marketing activites

Travel Guide APP and Totem: a perfect combination for a complete marketing service. And the best is yet to come: with the iBeacons you can enjoy commercial automation!

iBeacons are small radio transmitters that send out Bluetooth signals to smartphones when they’re in proximity. iBeacons can be deployed in loyalty programs as they enable hoteliers to pinpoint their guests’ micro-location and communicate directly to them via message.

To make an example, an iBeacon located at the entrance of the breakfast room can inform your guests that the service is extended until 11 AM; an iBeacon located on the beach can announce a 10% off offer on all drinks at the bar; if placed on a monument, an iBeacon could provide tourists with all the information regarding the date of creation and its history.

iBeacon offer infinite opportunities for your tourism. It is up to the hoteliers to take advantage of them in order to offer their guests high-quality travel experiences!

Services Local

Travel Guide APP

More and more tourists rely on mobile devices and APPs for their travel information. Take advantage of this trend and put your dream holiday idea into your guests’ pockets.

Get the BookingOne® Travel Guide APP and your guests will live an unforgettable travel experience. They will have the city always close at hand in their pocket!
Get ready to provide your guests with recommended travel routes, events and attractions of the area in which your facility is located.You can customize the App yourself with selected contents you can choose from to recommend your perfect dream holiday.

Interactive Totems

Placed in several strategic points within your facility, interactive touchscreen Totems will bring added value in your hotel enhancing your guests’ experiences.

Touchscreen totems are interactive structures that can be placed in strategic points within your hotel. Your guest will know:
- news and events
- weather forecasts
- places of cultural interests
- bars and restaurants around the city
- events and information about the city
- suggested itineraries
- information on public transportation
- much more

Interactive totems represent a new way to offer them a local life experience, meet their needs and, by doing so, maintain their loyalty to your facility with a highly personalized service.


iBeacons are small electronic devices that send out automatic Bluetooth notifications to smartphones when they’re in proximity.
When placed in strategic places within your facility or around the city, iBeacons prove to be an efficient marketing tool as they allow hoteliers to send out direct messages on their guests’ smartphones providing them with all the information that they need.

The automation that you were looking for in a tiny smart device – no larger than a coin – which is able to communicate continuously with your guests!

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