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Booking Engine

Increase your revenue with direct reservations.

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An easy-to-use, reliable and flexible booking system. The ideal tool that grants you autonomy in the management of your direct online reservations.

Simple direct reservations for your guests

The aim of every hotelier is to increase direct reservations, therefore simplifying the booking process is necessary to make it possible. Once the guest has decided, there must be no obstacle to complete the reservation.

That’s why a user-friendly, fast, safe and integrated booking engine is crucial to ensure direct reservations on your hotel website.

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Easier direct reservations for the hotelier

To reach the goal of disintermediation, hoteliers need a tool that offers complete autonomy in the management of direct online reservations, in a simple, fast, scalable and customized way.

BookingOne® booking engine software is the answer: it is complete, easy to use, reliable and flexible. Managing rooms, price lists, treatments, offers, discounts, extra-charges, dynamic prices, additional products and much more has never been so smart!

Ideal for every budget

An effective booking management system must be suitable for every kind of tourist facility and business, from the small B&B to the luxury hotel chain.
Thanks to its responsive design and the many personalization options, BookingOne® is appreciated by many and suitable for each type of business.

The all-in-one cloud-based platform provides the best booking engine in various price ranges. No matter what your budget, you will not have to give up on the opportunities that an effective booking engine like BookingOne® can provide.

The Booking Engine For the New Tourist

it's Local

Now it’s the tourism you offer that matters!
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it's Mobile

Now your tourism is anywhere!
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Certificate PCI DSS

Certificate SSL

Upgrade technological platforms

Front end full responsive

Arrivals situation

Departures situation

Reservations situation

Booking requests situation

Statistics flash


Unified inventory

Rooms/lodgings, periods, catalogues, treatments

Offers, multi-catalogues

Special services

Payment methods, advances, gateway, sales conditions

Management of booking by phone, bank and walk-in

Sending quotations, options, sales statistics

Instant messaging service

Reservations and booking requests

Snapshots, transactions

Sales, pax, rooms, geo and time statistics Primary Revenue

Reviews and Ratings

Responses to reviews

Credit card, debit card and guarantee card control

Payments, advances, balances

Setting of payment methods

Payments from mobile devices

In-coming insurance from around the world

Online support, email & ticket

Telephone assistance

Video tutorials

Training webinars on system and sales

Personalized training su richiesta

Hotel Sales manager su richiesta

Revenue Management su richiesta


Up to 10 rooms/lodgings


Up to 20 rooms/lodgings


Up to 100 rooms/lodgings


CPA to commission


PPC* cost to click

The sync with Channel Managers does not include commissions.
The plans can be activated at the rates indicated in the system.

Direct Booking ADV





Google Hotel ADS



The sync with Channel Managers does not include commissions.
The plans can be activated at the rates indicated in the system.

Property Management System

Connection with the most popular PMS

on request

PMS compilation card

Cards, billboards, prints, public security sheets


Channel Manager





Other 250 tourist portals + GDS


Plans and Prices

Up to 10


monthly fee

€ 35
+ vat

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Up to 20


monthly fee

€ 65
+ vat

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Up to 100


monthly fee

€ 115
+ vat

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to commission

monthly fee


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to commission

monthly fee


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* Sync with Channel Manager does not include commissions. Plans can be activated at the rates indicated in the system.

The Plus of BookingOne


BookingOne® can be integrated in any website and APP

Responsive and Usable

It's Responsive and Usable in every moment of the booking and management process.


It's modular thank to the possibility of personalized functionalities.


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BookingOne® uses a certified payment system (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard)

Allianz Protection

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Rely on BookingOne®: it’s safe with the Allianz Protection


It's safe thanks to the RackOne Cloud Data Center.


It's multilingual in every phase of booking and management.


It's informative thanks to the news on the control panel.


It's easy thanks to our support staff.

Customer care

Streaming tutorial and webinar

Watch video tutorials directly on BookingOne. Follow the weekly webinars for your continuos training.

Help Desk

Our staff provides you with full support for all platform services.

Training & Coaching

Our team provides you with tailored training performance indicators analysis.

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