03 October 2016

Increase revenue with additional services

The personalization of the booking process goes through the proposal of additional services at the sale stage. Some examples are the purchase of the access to the spa, of the covered parking, the shuttle service from/to the airport, a bottle of sparkling wine or a bouquet of roses at the arrival, breakfast room service…

The sale of additional services (technically called cross-selling) represents a real marketing strategy aiming to the satisfaction of the client and to a bigger profit. The main thing is to develop it right, being able to read the requests of the client, preparing packages that are attractive and well publicized.

One of the most effective ways in terms of probability of sale is the proposal of additional services or products to a list of clients who are subscribed to the newsletter of the facility, by periodically sending them customized offers including options of sales in cross-selling.

Another strategy to increase revenue is the up-selling: that means to suggest the client a service of higher quality instead of what has been chosen at the booking stage. For example, the hotelier can “tease” the client proposing the suite at a slightly higher price instead of the room that the client had chosen.


The effectiveness of cross and up-selling is guaranteed if you observe some basic rules.

- Suggest few alternatives: too much choice of additional services could make the user abandon the purchase.

- Presenting additional services which price is coherent to the booking amount: the sum of the services should not exceed the cost of the room.

- Provide precise and complete descriptions of the services and make the price clear.

- Divide the personalized services of the hotel (like the romantic dinner, nanny service, front pool umbrella…) from the services external to the hotel (museum tickets, public transport tickets..). even if presenting useful services to enjoy the place, the profit margins are different.


Cross and up selling rely on 2 core principles:

1. A Booking engine integrated with E-Commerce tools

2. An accurate and precise E-Mail marketing strategy

BookingOne, the Booking Engine of MM-ONE Group, is able to meet both requests. The E-Commerce tool allows the sale of additional products with different availability in terms of quantity and time. The CRM allows to manage effectively online and offline marketing campaigns thanks to the creation of a customer-focused communication, according to the type of clientele.


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