29 March 2016

Google Destinations and Google Hotel Ads: opportunities you must seize!

What is Google Destinations?

Google Destinations is here: Google latest tool for holiday planning from mobile devices.

Search on Google for the Continent, the Country or the City you would like to visit (and write the word “destinations”), so Hotel and flights prices will immediately be available, allowing the user to choose among different travel options.


What are the potentialities for Hotels?

Google Destinations provides information about places and activities of interest, furthermore, it allows you to choose and book your accommodation surfing on Google Hotel Ads, the Google tool dedicated to hotels that shows the list of the available structures in the place.

This new search engine makes indispensable your presence in Google Hotel Ads, not only for appearing in this list, but also for selling your rooms through Google.

In order to do this, the hotels must have a Booking Engine linked to Google Hotel Ads. BookingOne provides this feature and is one of the few online booking operating systems with a Google certification.


Organic search matters


Many people believe that this new parameter for the visualization of search results will cut out organic results, because of the top position reserved to Google Destinations and Google Hotel Ads.

That is false, only the weights will change. Organic and Paid Search Results will integrate in a different way. In the picture below, we show you how these weights were redefined (the pictures below refer to desktop navigation).

For example typing on Google “Hotel Venice”, we find in the first positions four Paid Search Results. Immediately after there is the Map showing the facilities of the place. Next, you find the Google Hotel Ads tool where we find just three structures of the place whose order depends on the positioning. Then we have Google organic search results.


How does it work Google Hotel Ads


Clicking on Google Hotel Ads results, you enter in a different page: on the left are listed the structures of the place, on the right you will find the map.

The order of appearance of the hotels on the left follows this criterion: two paid search results and then the structures ordered according to their organic positioning.

Only those who are equipped with a BookingEngine linked to Google will also be able to sell their availabilities through this channel.

In this case, the price is emphasized and you can book directly from Google.


What strategies should be adopted?


There is no doubt that the Hospitality Structure not visible on Google Hotel Ads will progressively disappear from the researches, and in particular when they cannot sell their availabilities.

It is also true that Google will keep on awarding positioning activities. The structures that have done and will continue to do an organic activity will take advantage of visibility inside Google Hotel Search results.

To make the best use of this sales channel and optimize your digital investment, MM-ONE Group suggests the insertion of your Structure in Google Hotel Ads equipping yourself with a Booking Engine certified by Google (like BookingOne) and carrying on organic positioning actions.

Google will continue to reward activities as Seo, Digital PR, Social Media Marketing, My Business upgrade, positioning on Google Maps, and management of the Google Plus profile, guaranteeing visibility and ensuring sales through this new channel.

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