04 April 2017

Direct Booking ADV Trivago and Tripadvisor: double benefits

The only thing you hear being repeated when you start a business of any kind is:

“Now you started it and you should make yourself be found!”

Quite simple, right?


Road signs help us explain how the mechanism of visibility works.

If a hotel owner puts his billboard in a country road, of which the most visitors are donkeys, it is very unlikely that the hotel gets noticed. But, if that same sign appears on the bypass - maybe near a traffic light - the chance of being noticed will be prancing.

On the web it works in the same way. Now that you have done the restyling of the site, constantly publish on social networks and answer all the reviews, it's time to land on the bypass.

If on one hand the motorway is represented by Google Hotel ADS, on the other hand there is a very substantial share of people using secondary roads - equally traffic congested - as Trivago and Tripadvisor.


Shall we see some numbers?

Trivago hosts monthly over 15 million unique visitors from over 26 different countries and is in a phase of major rise in overseas markets.

Tripadvisor is not far behind and ranks in the top three of the most used portals in the planning of a trip.

Being present in both portals becomes crucial for tourist facilities. That is why “you should make yourself be found”, running a Direct Booking ADV campaign.


The Direct ADV makes it possible to take advantage of the visibility of the big to bring traffic to your website and to increase the probability of direct bookings. Moreover, the hotels gets benefits in terms of visibility and competitiveness too, compared to competitors in the same destination and the major OTA.


BookingOne allows you to manage these advertising campaigns PPC (Pay Per Click) by obtaining numerous advantages to all tourist facilities that capture this opportunity, such as:

- The simplicity of launching a campaign directly from the control panel of BookingOne

- The easy management and total budget control

- The visibility on portals with their own prices

- The presence of link to your official website

- The reservations without commission

- The increase of direct booking


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