09 January 2017

BookingOne is social, as the new tourist!

Tourism is evolving not only from the point of view of supply, but also of the users. Indeed, people are no longer satisfied by any trip or holiday and always looking for more experience, a customized product for their tastes and needs.


One of the main aspects of the new tourists is definitely its being social: always connected with platforms and social media to get information, organize and share their holiday. Before, during and after.

Before the trip, tourists search for information, plan their itinerary and book the phases (flight, transfers, accommodation, etc). The social tourists use the web not only for organizing their trip, but also for drawing inspiration and ideas for the next destination. Many are those who rely on the Internet even before choosing the destination of their trip, looking for ideas and suggestions.

During the trip the tourists use social platforms to share their experiences in real-time, use the mobile devices as tourist guides and tools on the site to get information for what to see, to do and to experience.

After the trip, thanks to social networks, the users remember and recount their experience and evaluate it, sharing opinions and reviews about the places visited or where they stayed.


What are the implications for who works in this industry?


The tourism sector operators cannot remain indifferent in front of these new behaviours of travellers, also considered the impact that the generation of Millennials, grew up on technology, is having on the online market. In fact, Millennials are those who in greater percentage rely on the smartphone to gather information and purchase flights and hotels online, as well as to share opinions and suggestions. According to an infographic created by Google, 41% of Millennials claims to have purchased a flight through smartphone (compared with 25% of those over 35), and 27% said they had used their smartphone to book a stay in hotel (compared to 19% of those over 35).

As many as 66% of Millennials is confident in finding by mobile device the same information they can find by desktop, compared with 43% of those over 35.


Undeniably, to win the attention of Millennials means to keep up with a range of users able to significantly influence the market. But how to do that?


The keyword is customization, offering products tailored to the user, considering the different profiles on the market and their wants. Reaching customers and engaging with them are also essential steps to gain visibility and to be competitive in the tourism market.

Similarly, hoteliers need also useful tools which can put them in touch with their customers, facilitating the exchange of information and communications.

For these reasons the booking engine BookingOne implements features that allow a direct and immediate contact between tourist and hotelier such as the CRO software (Central Reservation Office) and the chat messaging service, which respectively allow you to create multiple quotes to be sent via email and communicate in real time with customers through the BookingOne control panel. Useful features to get more and more close in the world of tourism to new tourists and their needs!

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