BOOKINGONE® guarantees to its customers safety and speed in the management of online activities thanks to the use of a cloud backup solution. Online booking data are entered into MM-ONE Group's RACKONE DataCenter. 100% Italian, the Data Center is located in a maximum security armoured building owned by the Group, and is directly connected to the Optical Fibre with Ultrabroadband that guarantees maximum performance of the cloud based backups services.


BookingOne can provide you with the best solution for the storage of your data thanks to its cloud backup service. Over the years, the consolidation of the information structure and the implementation of the latest virtualization technologies have allowed a continuous increase in performance and a constant refinement of data isolation and protection techniques. For this reason MM-ONE Group can provide its customers with a reliable cloud based backup service and state-of-the-art online data storage.


More security, more speed, more continuity, more scalability. All this is BOOKINGONE® Security Cloud.


Contact us now to obtain further information on our cloud service. Our experts will be ready to answer to any question on the best online data backup systems and to suggest the technology solution more suitable to your needs

  • VPSThe VPS (Virtual Private Server) are virtual machines running on physical servers, sharing hardware resources, allowing the best cost / benefit analysis in the optimization of the server structure. A VPS has the advantage of combining in a single solution the reliability of a virtual machine to the flexibility of unrestricted access to your operating system, as well as a scalability that allows it to perform in a few hours hardware upgrades without interrupting the services provided. The solutions offered by MM ONE Group are divided into packets of different "sizes" able to satisfy small and big needs. Discover more
  • In House ServerThe service of In House Server has been designed specifically to house the server of your property within our Farm in the DATA CENTER of MM ONE Group located at our premises (Noventa di Piave) in an armoured vault and with BUL (Ultra Wide Band)connectivity connected directly to the adjacent motorway A4 carrier. Discover more
  • Dedicated ServersTo meet the needs of high-level hosting, MM ONE Group offers its customers the rental of dedicated servers with different solutions in terms of hardware and connectivity.
    The rented server can be administered in-house by remote system or with a formula of system assistance through which to obtain high-level support.
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  • Cloud BackupThe Remote Backup (CLOUD) is the creation of copies of all of your business data in a safe place in order to ensure the preservation of the vital data of your company in case of any eventuality, breakdown, fire, or damage cancellation irreparable.

    The innovative cloud backup service of MM ONE Group has been achieved by combining the performance of the best software platform for security in the copying of business data, internationally certified and adopted by the best credit institutions with the flexibility of the new

    DATA CENTER of MM ONE Group: armoured room (vault) of C degree, ultra-wideband connectivity, professional assistance from the technical staff and the safety of a sure and Italian location (Noventa di Piave) where you can always find your data.
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  • DOUBLE ARCHITECTURE SERVERPlatform run on a DOUBLE CLUSTER HA (High-Availability - High Reliability), it consists of 5 server units each (Web server - DB server - spare unit server to prevent malfunction of the node), protected by a TWO LEVELS firewall perimeter created from No. 6 CISCO firewall
  • DOUBLE COLLOCATIONTo ensure maximum availability and 100\% uptime of service, the server-clusters are placed in house at two data centers in accordance with ISO 27001:2005 and HIPAA2, which are located along two different fiber optic backbones of the national network and are interfaced with all major nodes of concentration and mutual exchange data between different national carriers (Internet eXchange Point)
  • MAXIMUM DATA SAFETYGuaranteed by the use of Thawte SSL certificates with 2048 bit generated keys and legal monitoring of activities (CERTIFIED LOG BANKING) filed with an external data center run by an accredited certified company
  • BACKUPRun on dedicated Storage Area Networks (SAN) and in continuous data replication (Continuous rSync)
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  • Integrated and invisible Service (worry-free/no thoughts)
  • Certification of the protection of business data
  • Protection against any natural threat, intentional or unintentional


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