The new generation of tourists. These are the habits of the Millennials


They are Social, Mobile and they love travelling.


They are the Millennials, the youngsters who were born between 1982 and 1999. Future Foundation, under request of Expedia, has outlined a portrait of this new generation of people who see travel as a crucial investment for their future, more than every other material good.


Raised with the Internet, connected to the world on Social Media, living symbiotically with their smartphone, Millennials value authentic travel experiences, trust other travellers’ opinions and they are willing to share their data in order to receive the personalization of the travel they are looking for.


Technology is one of the main elements in order to choose and live an authentic touristic experience, preferring the “wearable travelling technology” like virtual reality and apps. The aim is to experience at the fullest the place they are visiting, to find inspiration and share it.


The objective of tourism industry is to find the right tools to meet the needs of this new generation of young people and be on their same wavelength, offering them travel experiences that are always more customized and engaging.


To know more about it, you can read the full study here.








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