Goodbye postcards! Today everything is social


Now Social Networks are one of the privileged channels of communication of the new generation of travellers.


The research of information about the places of interest, the booking of accommodation facilities and the sharing of travel experiences go through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…


In the era of the Internet, the new generation of travellers get information by themselves, with no need of someone in between to provide them with a standard vacation. They want to create their perfectly tailored holiday themselves, and they do it by looking at Blogs and Social Networks, which allows them to see the comments of other travellers.


Reliability and reputation of destinations and accommodation facilities depend heavily on the reviews and sharing on Social Networks.


According to a recent study conducted by Internet Marketing Inc, 52% of people say they have drawn inspiration from friends’ photos to plan their travel, and 76% admits having shared the photos of their travel on social media. During the research phase, 55% of the interviewees say they have followed the pages regarding their chosen destination, and having appreciated the captivating images, persuasive texts and quality contents…besides the word of mouth of course.


Touristic destinations and accommodation facilities must consider this new way of communication to plan adequate Marketing strategies, which will inevitably have to pass through Social Media and the visibility on topic-related blogs.









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