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Social, Local and Mobile. In the new brochure, BookingOne is illustrated as the new Booking Engine that meets the requests of the new tourist: more social, mobile and willing to experience the place of his vacation.


Using BookingOne, hotel facilities can respond immediately to clients’ requests, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, create expectation for an exclusive journey, inform the tourist in real time on initiatives organized by the facility, manage proximity marketing activities, make mobile booking possible, but above all having their business at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they are.


Because the relationship with the tourist is the focal point!

Because what matters now is your tourist offer!

Because your tourist offer is everywhere!


BookingOne is the right tool to manage the buying behavior of the new tourist and offer always more personalized stays.


The new functionalities and updates of the integrated platform make BookingOne the ideal software for Hotels, Apartments, Residences, Hotel Chains, B&B, Campings, Agritourisms, Destinations and Tourism Agencies.


Download the new Brochure by BookingOne and discover all the functionalities of our platform.






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