CRO Update: multiple estimates and marketing data

BookingOne CRO is updated with new functional features.


Multiple estimates. From now accommodation businesses can send multiple estimates in a single mail to provide at the customer's option additional variants to choose. Sending is done with a single e-mail according to selected template. There is a variety of choice to extend the offer using different categories like full-board or half-board accommodation alternatives or easy change to “standard” or “suite”...


Marketing Data. BookingOne CRO Update allows to collect all additional information on customers and potential customers in a unique Email Marketing platform MailOne: together with surname, name email, spoken language, nation, contact telephone number and address, from now additional data will be saved including date of birth, communication channel, and interests (couple, family, pet, bike, etc). Correct saving of the data in MailOne allows to filter and segment customer data for flexible and precise targeting.

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