BookingOne for the new tourist: mobile, social and local


The modern tourist has changed. Mobile, social and local are the keywords that describe the new traveler. This is because modern tourists are making use with increasing frequency of mobile devices to plan and live their holiday; furthermore, they get in touch and share their experience on social networks, they want to experience the place by exploring it and find out all the events and attractions.


For these reasons BookingOne is ready for the new generation of tourists, adjusting itself to the necessities of the final users to make the hotelier a modern interlocutor according to the expectations of an ever-changing clientele.


BookingOne has become mobile because it permits a mobile use, both on the frontend and from the backend side. This means that it makes the use and booking from mobile easier and simplifies the operations management for the hotelier: booking, information requests and communication with customers, both on smartphone and tablet.


BookingOne has become social because hoteliers and tourists can interact in real time by means of new functions that enable a direct and immediate contact between them.


BookingOne has become local because it lets the tourists experience the location of their holiday, providing them with tourist guides and interactive totems to discover the place.


BookingOne is the answer to the requests of the new tourist market.








BookingOne è Mocal


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