BookingOne achieves PCI-DSS Certification

PCI-DSS International Certification: BookingOne payments approved to be 100% secure


BookingOne has achieved one more certification in its portfolio. Now the highest standards of payment security established by BookingOne is approved with international PCI-DSS Certificate (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard).


This way BookingOne reinforces the advantages of the service setting new standards in credit card secure payments for online booking services. Here are the new security advantages represented by BookingOne:


- SECURITY. Now Accommodation businesses can apply real time verification of a credit card solvency status to ensure fraud protection. This will enable the possibility for immediate confirming or rejecting the booking, both direct and those from OLTA.


- MORE CONVERTIBLE. New online booking procedure permits to complete the payment without leaving website. It has been proven that such implementation improves the usability of online booking tools reducing the percentage of leaving visitors and improving the conversion rate.


- NO BUREAUCRACY. The structure swill not have to interface with its bank anymore to manage the incomes. From now on we take care of bureaucracy issues.


- BRAND REPUTATION. The structure offers its clients certified level of security with all sensitive data kept in highly secure environment.

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