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C.R.O. (Central Reservation Office) is the environment developed by BOOKINGONE® that allows the operators of call centres, front offices and reservation centres to create reservations, estimates and booking options following phone call and walk-in requests as well as information requests from the web. Thanks to the C.R.O., the establishment can correctly track requests in order to make a realistic analysis of conversions.



Multiple estimates. The accommodation establishments can send via email multiple estimates, thus offering to their customers more options for the same stay. The estimate is sent via a single email with a default template. The establishment can for example propose "full board" or "half board" rates, or "Standard" or "Suite" accommodations, etc.


Marketing Data. The new implementation of BOOKINGONE®'s CRO allows to store in the Email Marketing MailOne platform all the information from customers or potential customers: in addition to surname, name, email, language, country, telephone and address, from today even the date of birth, the contact channel and the expressed segment of interest (couple, family, pet, bike, etc.) will automatically be recorded. Thanks to the correct filing of information in MailOne, it is possible to filter and segment the customer base to build highly targeted communication models.

  • Feature List
    • Diversified access to Operator
    • Create bookings
    • Create quotes
    • Create options for 24h or for a configurable period
    • Create reservations, quotes and options from the phone call
    • Create reservations, quotes and options from walk-in customer
    • Create quotes and options from requests from the web (inquiry)
    • Search existing guests with details of previous reservations
    • Quick availability check
    • Management of hotel chains and Web portals
    • Send the email that allows you to confirm the option of the online booking or the online quote
    • Search expiring options and quotes to perform Follow up activities
    • Ending calls with motivation to develop statistics and strategies
    • Statistics, quotes, options and bookings for operator



  • Simultaneous access to different operators
  • Fast quotes
  • Client history viewing
  • Statistics and control of the activities of the Offer


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