The Business Intelligence of BOOKINGONE® allows you to constantly monitor all the indexes needed to define the best commercial strategy: only controlling your own data you can determine the investment actions necessary to increase your online turnover.


This new analysis tool offers a summary reading of your own data regarding reservations and researches, monitoring the turnover developments and the room nights. Duly crossed and segmented, this information provide highly strategic indexes. By means of the relevant control panel, each hotelier can easily navigate within a series of charts with simple and immediate reading.


BOOKINGONE®'s Business Intelligence is divided into various SECTIONS.


  • QUICK REPORT. This area provides information on the average revenue, the rooms availability, the bookings situation and the revenues grouped by date and booking source. A summary of the accommodation establishment situation.

  • PAX. Data on reservations, research and turnover are monitored according to the type of user and categorised according to the different guests segments: couple, family, single.

  • GEO. Reservation and research data are crossed according to nationality to offer an overview of the users and of their behaviours.

  • TIME. Data are aggregated to provide information regarding the temporary indexes: average duration of stay, variance between research and reservations, lead time and other.

  • ROOM. Offers detailed information about the types of rooms and services sold, in addition to the guests' favourite rate plans.


If it is not possible to access consistent and segmented data, there can be no strategy. And without Strategic Marketing, business targets for the consolidation and strengthening of turnover cannot be reached.

  • Web AnalyticsModule that allows the integration of GOOGLE ANALYTICS within the platform BOOKING ONE according to the specifications provided by the Google API, providing specific environments and tables that allow immediate and synthetic monitoring on the web performance and efficiency of the accommodation facility. FEATURES
    View, filter data and interact in the following areas: Views
    • Visitors Overview
    • Location
    • Mobile Overview
    • Browser & Mobile Operating Systems
    • Sources of Traffic
    • All the Traffic
    • Organic Results
    • Paid Search
    • Direct sources
    • Referrals
    • Campaigns
    • Objectives Overview
    • Location
    • Traffic Sources
    • E-commerce
    • General Overview
    • Requests
    • Requests for Requested Date
    • Required for check-in Date
    • Bookings per booking date
    • Booking per check-in date
    • Product Performance
    • Location
    • Traffic Sources
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  • Booking Performance - LiveThis feature allows you to monitor the flow of activities and the channelling of the booking of a user who enters and uses the online Booking Engine ( BOOKING ONE), offering "ad hoc " dashboards, representing the performance of the conversions of sequential steps, such as the availability of rooms, interest in the rooms and the palatability of the Offer. Such information is essential in the decision-making process of structuring the offer by allowing you to understand what information is to be improved both in terms of quantity and quality.

    FEATURES Control of questions to the online Booking by date research and based on the date of Check In
    Feed Control booking
    Monitoring and targeting of requests for availability
    Identification of the type of not found requests
    Report of successful bookings ADVANTAGES Monitoring when the Market searches for the tourist Structure
    Control of the target users who searched for the availability of the tourist Structure
    Control of the attractiveness of the Market
    Locating the failure to provide the Offer required by the Market      
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  • Having control of data means to be in control of a company
  • The strategic choices can be implemented only when you have control of what is going on
  • Only thanks to the data you can figure out whether to make or renew investment


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