BOOKING ONE Integrated platform

BOOKINGONE® is the advanced online booking reservation system created by MMONE Group. Our innovative booking system software enables the accommodation facilities to autonomously and effectively control and manage their online bookings.


Reliable and easy to use, BOOKINGONE® is the ideal choice among the wide variety of available online Booking Engines for Hotels, Apartments, Residences, Hotel Groups, B&Bs, Agritourism facilities, Tourist Resorts (consortia, associations, public and private actors), Destination Portals and Tourist Intermediaries, who seek a booking reservation system always updated and secure.

BOOKINGONE® integrates in one single online Booking Engine for hotels different modules and functionalities, thus allowing the accommodation facilities to plan advanced commercial strategies, improving their online sales and operating in complete autonomy according to their availability.

BOOKINGONE® customers can rely on a booking reservation system dependable and equipped with an intuitive booking interface that allows users to navigate easily in the reservation panel, facilitating the conclusion of the payment process and improving the conversions.

BOOKINGONE® system for online booking reservation is available in four versions, which can be modulated depending on the needed functionalities: Advanced PPC (Pay per Click), Advanced, Medium and Basic. Contact us now to find the best booking system for your hotel website. We will recommend the version that best fits your needs.


BOOKINGONE® is available in four versions, which can be modulated depending on the needed functionalities: Advanced PPC (Pay per Click), Advanced, Medium and Basic. Contact us now. We will recommend the version that best fits your needs.


The BOOKINGONE® Platform offers the possibility to manage, by means of one single interface:

  • BOOKINGONE® (Online booking engine)
  • Channel Manager
  • E-Commerce
  • Management software
  • CRO (Central Reservation Office)
  • CRM Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Direct Booking ADV
  • Security Cloud
  • Ideal for Hotels, Apartments, B&B, Camping sites and Travel AgenciesThe online booking system BOOKING ONE is the ideal tool to manage all your accommodation and tourist facilities such as hotels, apartments, B & Bs and Travel Agencies, respecting for each one of them their respective business models and marketing strategies. In fact, the logics to sell a hotel room are different from those for renting an apartment or to book a camping pitch. Discover more
  • Price ListsThe price list is the identification of a given price for a defined given period at which you decide to sell a given type of structure. In BOOKING ONE you can create yourself an infinite number of lists. Discover more
  • PeriodsThe period is a period of time to which you decide to apply a single list. With BOOKING ONE you can create independently the Periods.
  • Dynamic Management of PricesThrough this feature you can speed up the integration of price lists and therefore of prices, thanks to the possibility to use the default price templates that can be applied by simply selecting a period. Discover more
  • Extra bedsBOOKING ONE allows you to insert independently Extra Beds in every price list if the sale is set to "per person". Even in this case you can either use or create templates which include the use of special discounts. Once you have created a template, you can attach the same to the Room. Discover more
  • Multiple price listsThe Multiple Price List is a “special” list. Special in the sense that thanks to it you can propose Offers. The Multiple Price List is a list which for convenience may be created by cloning a normal list, then completely disconnected from the latter. Discover more
  • Reduction and supplementsRegardless of the list associated with a room, you can define and then calculate the reduction or supplement depending on the total amount of the reservation, based on the price per person, per night for the price of the room, the number of people by the number of nights and according to people who benefit from the extra bed. Discover more
  • Special ServicesThe special services is the opportunity to add to the reservation of a room a range of services, precisely special services such as a bottle of wine on arrival, a bouquet of flowers, a bowl of fresh fruit, etc.. Discover more
  • IDS
    For those who use BOOKING ONE it is possible to automatically transfer the availability of rooms on sale to their respective price lists and Multiple Price Lists in all portals using the same Online Booking platform (ABS ONE) simply by selecting a flag transfer.  
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  • General OverviewThrough this environment it is possible to set and / or change instantly the availability for each room for each list for each day for each portal.
    In this case for lists we mean Normal Price Lists, Special Price Lists and any possible Multiple Price List. For portal we mean all IDS portals and connected via channel Manager.

    Single Inventory:
    the single inventory allows you to manage the availability of rooms in the inventory by entering the total availability of each type of room. This will manage, through appropriate policies, the availability on the inventories of individual price lists and external portals through the Channel Manager and towards IDS portals.

    Under-stock Allotment.
    We define Under-stock Allotment the minimum availability to be included in the Single Inventory that will generate a notice of exhaustion of allotment.

    Priority Inventory:
    the priority inventory is the identification of a list (Normal Price List) that serves as a reservoir from which to handle all allotment and sales. All lists, Multiple Price lists and Portals refer to this list.

    Channel manager Inventory:
    the Channel Manager Inventory is the List where you run the availability of OLTA (Online Travel Agency), the availability which is always subtracted, in the presence of sales, from the overall guaranteed availability from your Single Inventory.

    Through the closing of dates you can handle the quick availability of day-to- day or for periods of all the lists and then for all rooms . It is called anti- panic mode because, when any abnormalities occur or it is perceived that you do not to have control of the volume ( Overbooking ), you can close in quickly and intuitively rooms on a certain day or period.
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  • Virtual AvailabilitySetting in the normal rate the actual availability of a room, the same availability will be replicated on all the lists present with the exception of the special rate. The sale will result in the deduction of availability in all the lists and web sites associated to the room with shared availability. Discover more
  • Shared AvailabilitySetting a room in shared availability, when sold, it will be deducted on the availability in all price lists and portals in which it was proposed.
  • Alternative datesThe Alternative Dates feature makes it possible for the client to select in the "Request Information Form" alternatives dates for the stay.
  • OffersYou can insert and edit textual Offers in a connected IDS Portal by setting the dates of publication of the offer.
  • Guest ReviewThe feature Guest Review allows the structure to manage customer comments by allowing them to fill out an evaluation, a review of services and expertise such as cleaning, Services, Personnel, etc. .. after a couple of days from their checkout. Discover more
  • Frequent GuestThrough the entry to reserved areas, a customer can access to discounts and offers dedicated to him.
  • Discount VoucherThrough this feature every structure can give a discount code to a customer. At the discount code you can associate with complete autonomy some rules that may allow the Customer, for example, to access discounts on offers for a defined Euro value or for a percentage value on them. Discover more
  • Gift VoucherWith this feature it is possible to give a "Voucher" in cash to be used at the time of booking in an accommodation facility. Every Hotelier can give a voucher to its customers or any user can give it as a gift to family members and / or friends. You select the amount of the Voucher and email it to the Beneficiary, who by entering the reference code may use the discount provided by the due date. Discover more
  • Social NetworkThe Social Network module allows you to automatically synchronize the publication of offers managed in BOOKING ONE in the Profile Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Profile, each time without having to rewrite everything in the profiles. Discover more
  • API BOOKING ONEModule that allows you to transfer information from your BOOKING ONE to other platforms, and vice versa according to the specifications provided by the Open Travel Alliance (OTA2009A). Discover more
  • Mobile VersionModule that allows you to integrate a Mobile Booking Engine developed to enter the growing market of mobile users and make yourself known and bookable on Smartphone and Tablet. Discover more
  • SpeedActiveMailThrough this environment it is possible to channel a simple "Request info" for a hypothetical customer in an automated booking flow through which you can propose an offer for a stay provided with all information pertaining to the Events of the location in which the Facility is located , the activities organized by the same property during the time required by the customer, weather information, etc.., bringing the customer to book online through the online Booking Engine. Discover more
  • Sales Policy
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  • Centralized management and restriction of allotments ("minimum stay", "release", "lock check-in", "lock check-out ")
  • Centralized view of the status of reservations and management flexibility
  • Optimized management of the periods (and associated discounts)
  • Availability of rooms connected across multiple lists (list other than day-to-day)
  • Connection of the normal and special price lists to the portals of Booking
  • Cancelling the risk of going in overbooking with different channels
  • 3 hotels on a portal.
  • Weekly report that provides for the control of prices for the next 30 days
  • Report by e-mail and available via web


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